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UFC Striking Sticks


Great for training multiple levels of athletes. Improved defensive footwork and head movement drills. 

  • Easy grip handle with additional wrist cord
  • Allows for less impact on coach’s shoulders and elbows
  • Great replacement or supplement to punch mitts
  • Improves defensive footwork and head movement drills

    UFC Muay Thai Pad


    UFC Thai Pads enable students/athletes to develop speedpower, and technique in their kicks against a real target, while offering optimal protection to the trainer/coach.
    • Ultra-durable engineered leather
    • Sturdy handle for handling the heaviest of kicks
    • Great for catching: punches, knees, kicks, and elbows
    • Measures 15.6" Long x 7.9" Wide x 6.7" Thick
    • Sold Individually (not as pair)

    UFC Curved Focus Mitts


    Excellent training tool to enhance accuracy and speed.
    • Develop speed & fast reflexes
    • Impact-absorbing layers of foam
    • Durable PU exterior
    • Half-circle grip on inside for proper hand placement
    • 10.25" long x 7.5" wide x 4.9" deep

    UFC Pro Fixed Target


    Premium construction and protection will last through numerous target drills making it the ultimate tool for gyms.

    • Features over 3” of contoured EVA and open cell foam layers
    • High-quality PU exterior material for ultimate durability
    • Reinforced padded handles
    • Lightweight and compact design

    UFC Multi Strike Shield


    A must have training tool designed to help athletes improve accuracy, increase endurance and become more effective.

    • Great for training multiple levels of athletes
    • Built for long life
    • Durable construction
    • Thick open cell foam
    • Multiple nylon handles for secure hold 
    • 37x17x65cm, 14.6x6.7x25.6in

    UFC Long Curved Focus Mitts


    Ergonomically designed to improve your training routine. Develop speed, accuracy and agility with your coach or training partner. 

    • Long focus mitts for working all strikes (kicks and punches)
    • Ball in hand compartment for improved grip
    • 1/2 inch (12 mm) Hood over fingers for added protection
    • Extended foam wedge in forearm area for comfort
    • Curved for the perfect catch whether kicking or punching

    UFC Pro Perfect Curve Punch Mitts


    UFC Pro Perfect Curve Punch Mitts have the perfect pocket for catching hooks and uppercuts. Perfect for athletes at any level. These mitts excel at catching a variety of different...

    UFC PRO Micro Mitts


    Speed is everything in an MMA competition. Athletes have to think fast to find an opening for the perfect hit, and coaches should be training for these scenarios long before...

    UFC PRO Air Mitts


    MMA athletes must work on punching techniques to be successful in a match. If you're a coach, you need the right pair of MMA punching mitts to push your students...

    UFC Pro Belly Pad


    Boost accuracy and speed through target drills while reducing the impact from ruthless blows with the unrivaled quality of the UFC Pro Body Protector.

    • Made from high-quality PU and multiple layers of impact absorbing EVA and open cell foam
    • Reinforced tear-resistant construction
    • Lightweight and compact design

    Enhance your accuracy and response time with our essential focus mitts, kicking shields and other coaching essentials. Whether you need to work on specific strikes or combination drills, we have the selection of products to meet your training needs.
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