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UFC Pro Ground & Pound Throwing Dummy - 70lb


Practice realistic ground and pound moves with this training necessity to increase your ground and pound punching power.

  • Tear-resistant ultra-durable PU exterior with reinforced stitching
  • Pre-filled so you can start training immediately
  • Weighs 70lbs

UFC Double End Bag


Durable speed bag to improve speed and reflexes. Easy mounting system that is compatible with all speed bag platforms and double-end attachments.

  • Great for reflex training
  • Fast rebound
  • Easy mounting system
  • Durable PU construction

UFC Pro Leather Double End Bag


Built to endure intense training and provide quick rebound for hand speed drills; the UFC Pro Leather Double End Bag is staple for serious athletes.

  • Made from grade A cowhide leather and ultra durable bladder this bag was built to last
  • Practice speed drills to enhance hand-eye coordination and footwork with the heavy duty rebound cables
  • Adjustable height hanging system
  • Measures 8"

UFC Youth Boxing Gloves Combo Set


The perfect youth boxing set. This kit includes a pair of 6oz high-quality protective UFC boxing gloves and a 12lb punching bag.

  • Durable construction with reinforced stitching
  • Gloves feature hook and loop strap for superior support and more customizable fit
  • Bag easily hung with UFC I-beam hanger (sold separately)
  • Durable nylon straps on bag for quiet workout
  • Set includes 6oz Boxing Gloves and 12lb Kids Punching Bag great for all youth

UFC Pro Leather Speed Bag


Premium leather construction for the ultimate Speed Bag workout. The properly weighted peanut design with quick rebound is ideal for increasing the speed of your punches.

  • Lace up bladder replacement area
  • Reinforced stitching with tear resistant hanging tab
  • Premium grade A cowhide leather exterior

UFC Standard Heavy Bag

from $129.99

Standard UFC heavy bag perfect for home use. This bag is designed to withstand long, daily intense training sessions.

  • 70 lbs.
  • Extended length ideal for training kicks and simulated take downs
  • Ultra durable PVC construction with reinforced seams
  • Strong enough for gym use, but economically priced for home use

UFC MMA Heavy Bag - 80 LBS


Durable MMA Training bag for leg strike and combination training. You can rely on this 80 lb punching bag for a long time. Strong enough for gym use, but economically priced for home use. 

  • Ultra durable PVC exterior with reinforced seams
  • Easy to hang and start training
  • Measures 46" long and weighs 80 lbs.

UFC Inflatable Target


Continue your training and practice accuracy with the UFC Inflatable Target. Made of rugged vinyl, this bag can handle your hardest punches and kicks while burning calories and improving coordination...

UFC Pro Thai 100lb Heavy Bag


Increase your Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing or MMA striking power with this premium cowhide leather heavy bag.

  • Constructed from grade A cowhide leather exterior and soft fiber filling with reinforced stitching throughout
  • 6’ Tall and weighs 100lbs with a secure and silent nylon strap hanging system
  • Comes prefilled so you can start training immediately

Speed Bag Platform


Platform for speed bag workouts. Simple to assemble, so you can get started on speed bag training quickly.

UFC Pro Uppercut Bag


Work upper cuts, knees and traditional punches while training accuracy with the slight spin and different angles of the innovative barrel shape.

  • Made from virtually unbreakable PVC material and open cell foam softer fiber filling this bag was designed to last through countless drills and punches
  • Reinforced silent nylon strap hanging system
  • Comes prefilled so you can start training immediately

UFC Pro Tear Drop Bag - 70lb


Achieve optimum punching power with this virtually indestructible Teardrop punching bag designed with durability in mind to last through intense workouts.

  • Made from durable PVC material exterior with soft fiber filling
  • Hangs from a silent nylon strap hanging system
  • Comes prefilled so you can start training immediately
  • 70 lb punching bag
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