UFC Headgear

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Impact-dispersing headgear ideal for boxing and MMA training to provide additional protection to critical strike zones.

  • Durable engineered leather
  • Chin and cheek protection
  • Hook & loop closure for secure fit
  • Non-slip moisture wicking lining

UFC Open Face Training Headgear


Protect your head during grappling and training sessions with this soft, but protective UFC Open Face Headgear. This is a one size fits all headgear with multiple adjustments to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

  • Layers of high-density foam encased in engineered leather.
  • Chin and cheek protection
  • Hook & loop closure for secure fit
  • Non-slip soft interior lining

UFC PRO Grappling Head Gear


Combine superior protection and quality with unrivaled convenience and you get the UFC Pro Washable Headgear. Easily wash between training sessions to keep your headgear in top condition.

  • 3/4" EVA foam and neoprene construction
  • Low profile training headgear not intended to take strikes but protect from MMA transition ground to stand up
  • Hook and loop chin strap with 2-way stretch elastic to ensure secure fit
  • Non-slip moisture wicking lining

UFC Pro Full Face Headgear


Superior full head headgear option for entry level athletes, athletes with braces, high-level athletes with vulnerable face injuries or pro-level athletes weeks away from a fight looking to reduce the risk of injury in training

  • Virtually indestructible bar wrapped in EVA foam protects mouth and jawline
  • Constructed from grade A cowhide leather exterior and moisture-wicking lining
  • Fully adjustable strapping system for secure and comfortable fit

UFC Pro Training Headgear


Prepare for training with the expertly designed UFC Pro Training Headgear to add another level of protection to sparring.

  • Provides additional protection against misdirected strikes
  • Contoured design provides optimal visibility and peripheral vision
  • Extra protection around vital areas
  • Fully adjustable closing systems provide comfortable and secure fit
  • Made from grade A cowhide leather exterior and non-slip moisture wicking lining

UFC True Thai Headgear


True Thai Headgear Protect your head with sparring headgear that pays tribute to the Muay Thai style. True Thai headgear is official UFC protective equipment suitable for athletes of all...

UFC Premium Lace-Up Head Gear


Feel the superior quality of this headgear the second it goes on your head.

  • Made from premium Grade-A cowhide leather
  • Over 3.5CM / 1.5" of contoured EVA foam for maximum protection
  • Traditional lace-up closure
  • Non-slip moisture wicking lining
  • Anatomically correct cheek protection

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