Join our movement to push forward.To break barriers. To become extraordinary. Long before the sun rises, you get up and push your body to its absolute limit. Maybe you are a seasoned athlete training for a big event, but most likely you are an everyday person fighting to become a healthier, stronger and leaner version of yourself.

After a long hard day, you grab your gloves and hit the bag until you can’t move. You are fighting to become better than you were yesterday.



At Spirit Combat Sports, our mission is to help you on your personal fitness journey. Whether you are a top level competitive fighter, a mom looking for a new and innovative way to workout, or anything in between; Spirit Combat Sports is your resource for training, inspiration and relevant products.

We are part of the Spirit Fitness family of brands - with a universal mission to help everyday people become extraordinary.
As part of our mission to be a training resource for any person who wants to become stronger than they were yesterday, we have aligned ourselves with some of the biggest brands in the fight sports industry. Our parent company Dyaco International, is the UFC's global equipment and fitness accessory partner. Dyaco has developed an expanded collection of UFC branded equipment that includes the official UFC fight gloves used by all UFC athletes during competition at UFC events. By extension, Spirit Combat Sports is the official USA Supplier of UFC. 

Spirit Combat Sports: Family of Brands

Spirit Combat Sports is part of the evolution of the Spirt Fitness family to help make everyday people extraordinary. Under the vision of our parent company, Dyaco International, our family of brands is dedicated to wellness.

Your Wellness, Our Passion Dyaco International is a multi-facet B2B2C enterprise, specializing in Health and Fitness Equipment. Our B2B ventures cover brands, innovation, and service, fueling our partners’ autonomy to be successful in their markets. Countless of B2C channels with our products help promote wellness to consumers in the world. While these building blocks made us adaptable to different markets, our most original vision is never lost no matter where we go: that your wellness is our passion.
SPIRIT FITNESS IDENTITY Exquisite and ergonomically tailored, Spirit combines fitness with effective user experiences. For 30 years straight since its launch in the U.S.A., Spirit equipment withstood the test of time. We keep up with new interactive features, while retaining engineering prowess in the core of our product structures – the undeniable backbone of excellence.
XTERRA FITNESS You have the ambition, and XTERRA FITNESS provides all of the tools you need to press onward. Originated in 1996, XTERRA Triathlon consisted of an open-ocean swim, a mountain bike race, and a trail run. We've spent the past three decades working with professional athletes and outdoor enthusiasts to help them realize their dreams of adventure. Whether hosting world-class triathlons and races or making it possible to bring home an outstanding level of training, XTERRA has strived constantly to promote health, fitness, and the sense of accomplishment that inevitably follows.