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Wearing the right grappling gloves is essential to keep your hands injury-free when practicing mixed martial arts. As the only form of protective gear you get in the cage, MMA gloves provide padding for the most vulnerable parts of the hand while leaving the fingers exposed for grappling maneuvers. High-quality MMA grappling gloves will enable you to land stronger punches on your opponent while protecting your fists from damage.

Because MMA gloves are crucial to the sport, you shouldn't train with anything less than the best. UFC MMA gloves combine high-quality materials with innovative technology based on research and development from MMA experts with years of fighting experience to deliver a comfortable fit with great protection. As the largest brand in MMA, UFC is a reliable source for top-quality MMA gloves, but there are still more details than brand to think about before purchasing MMA gloves.

Read on to learn more about the different types of MMA gloves, sizes, weights, features and materials to consider before deciding to buy.

Types of MMA Gloves

Unlike boxing, there are different types of MMA gloves for completing various aspects of training. Though you can do most of your workouts with a single pair of MMA gloves, you will need several pairs if you want to train seriously. Whether you're a seasoned MMA veteran or at the beginning of your training journey, Spirit Combat Sports has the style of gloves you need.

Here's a breakdown of the UFC MMA glove types available.

  • Competition MMA gloves: Competition MMA fighting gloves are the most valuable type to practice with when preparing for competitions. Designed to deliver as much damage to your opponent as possible, competition gloves have little to no padding and generally do not weigh much. If you want that competitive edge, UFC official fight gloves are a high-quality product from the largest brand in MMA.
  • Sparring/striking MMA gloves: Gloves made for sparring are heavier than regular MMA gloves and provide extra padding for hand protection. The inner-grip bar of MMA sparring gloves is similar to boxing gloves and allows you to easily position your hand in the correct punching form.
  • MMA fitness/bag gloves: These soft gloves give you a full range of motion for versatile training. With foam padding in precisely the right places, fitness gloves can get you through intense bag work pain-free.
  • MMA training/grappling gloves: You won't use MMA grappling gloves during competition, but they're beneficial for training because they allow for freer finger movement, which can come in handy when working on ground fighting training and clinch work.
  • Youth MMA gloves: It's never too early to start MMA training! Get the younger generation involved with ultra-durable youth MMA gloves to keep them safe as they learn the sport. The UFC Youth MMA Gloves Combo Set gives them everything they need to get started!

Sizes and Weights of MMA Gloves

The weight and size of the gloves you need will depend on their function. MMA training gloves, sparring gloves and fitness gloves will weigh more than competition gloves, typically ranging from four to six ounces. Gloves made for training sessions will provide more cushion and weigh in at about seven or eight ounces.


Most often, MMA gloves come in these weights.

  • 4-ounce MMA gloves: While these gloves are perfect for competition, they won't provide enough padding for everyday training.
  • 5-ounce MMA gloves: Another excellent competition glove size, these gloves will give you the weightlessness you need for competition with slightly more cushioning.
  • 6-ounce MMA gloves: Although these gloves are on the heavier end, you can still use them for competition. The extra padding also makes them suitable for regular fitness training.
  • 7-ounce MMA gloves: For regular training and grappling, these gloves will give you a bit of cushion while still granting you enough flexibility.
  • 8-ounce MMA gloves: A bit heavier and with even more padding, these gloves are great for bag work and sparring.

Along with weight, MMA glove size matters because it directly impacts your training and development. Find out what glove size is right for you by measuring your palm's circumference around the knuckles and matching it with the size chart guidelines. Make sure you double-check the size guide before purchasing, because using gloves that don't fit can lead to injury.

These are standard MMA competition glove size measurements.

  • Women's XS: 6"-6.5"
  • Men's XS: 6.5"-7.25"
  • Men's small: 7.25"-8"
  • Men's medium: 8"-8.75"
  • Men's large: 8.75"-9.25"
  • Men's XL: 9.25"-10"

For those whose hands don't fall within those measurements, larger sizes are available up to 4XL. Women's MMA gloves also come in smaller sizes, with the women's strawweight and bantam fitting circumferences below six inches.

MMA Glove Key Features

In addition to size and weight, there are some other MMA glove features to consider. Remember to think about these crucial attributes when looking for MMA gloves.

  • Velcro straps: MMA gloves with Velcro straps are easy to put on and off, which can be especially convenient if you have your hands wrapped.
  • Open-palm design: Open-palm MMA gloves are a good fit for athletes who use thicker hand wraps. Since they open fully around the wrist and palm, this type of glove is great for putting over wraps before sparring or bag work.
  • Thumb padding: Getting an MMA glove style with some extra thumb padding will give you added protection against injury, skin irritations and cauliflower ear.

UFC MMA Glove Materials

When choosing your MMA gloves, you should always go for the ones that feel most comfortable. In general, the comfort of the gloves depends on their material. Here are the most common types of MMA glove materials, along with the benefits of each.

  • Leather MMA gloves: Genuine leather is the most durable material for MMA gloves, and will last the longest. Although they cost more than other types of gloves, leather MMA gloves are high-quality. Because leather is more porous than other materials, it allows for maximum breathability and comfort.
  • Neoprene MMA gloves: Although not authentic leather, neoprene is an excellent MMA glove material option and will give your hands plenty of flexibility. Neoprene is a more affordable alternative to leather, but the price difference does come with a small drop in quality.
  • Synthetic/PU MMA gloves: As the least expensive MMA glove, synthetic gloves are less breathable and durable than others. Buying synthetic gloves could help save you money if you don't mind the difference in overall feel, but you will probably need to replace them more often because they're less long-lasting.

Choose MMA Gloves You'll Enjoy Training With

The final detail to consider before buying MMA gloves is the policies of the supplier you're purchasing from. At Spirit Combat Sports, our priority is customer satisfaction, and we're willing to exchange any ill-fitting gloves at no cost to you. We sell only the highest-quality UFC MMA gloves, all of which come with a 60-day warranty.

If you're looking for the best MMA gloves on the market, check out the extensive variety of UFC MMA gloves for sale from Spirit Combat Sports. We offer affordable products from UFC, the leading brand in MMA, so you can train like a pro and feel like a pro.

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