UFC Tonal MMA Training Gloves - UFC Equipment MMA and Boxing Gear Spirit Combat Sports
UFC Tonal MMA Training Gloves - UFC Equipment MMA and Boxing Gear Spirit Combat Sports

UFC Tonal MMA Training Gloves


UFC Tonal Training Gloves feature the subtle yet stylish UFC tone-on-tone design that says - I’m here to work. And look good doing it! Great for sparring, striking the heavy bag, or working pads with your coach, these gloves will do the job! Made from durable PU construction, these gloves are sure to last.  

  • Made from durable PU  
  • Available in 12, 14, 16 and 18 oz  
  • Hook-and-loop closure 
  • Color
    • White
    • Black
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
    • X-Large


    Size Chart


    Get ready for your mixed martial arts (MMA) training with the UFC Tonal MMA Training Gloves. Your hands are a vital part of your body that require protective gear, so it's essential to train with gloves that have the best protection. MMA grappling gloves save your fists from damage while you practice.

    UFC training gloves are made with high-quality materials based on extensive research from MMA experts. That means you can enjoy a comfortable fit while staying protected. The Tonal MMA Training Gloves' features provide maximum security:

    • Anatomically correct, pre-curved foam over knuckles and thumb protection
    • Durable engineered leather construction
    • Hook and loop closure system

    UFC Tonal MMA Training Glove

    Train with a grappling glove made for all your MMA training needs. These gloves offer optimal protection capabilities, making them well-suited for mid-range training. Almost a half-inch of layered, pre-curved foam cushions the striking surface of your hand while training.

    The wrist strap uses a hoop and loop closure to provide durability and rigidity, keeping your wrists safe and supported. There's also additional padding for your thumb's protection.

    While training, your hands may become sweaty from the intensity of your session. The UFC Tonal MMA Training Glove has an anti-microbial, moisture-wicking lining to ensure your hands stay dry and comfortable throughout your workout. All the features of the training gloves make them perfect for any MMA training scenario.

    At Spirit Combat Sports, all our products are officially licensed by UFC and have a 60-day warranty. Whether you're training from home or in a gym, you can train with authentic, UFC athlete-approved equipment.

    Train with the best gloves and other gear when you shop with Spirit Combat Sports. We have quality UFC products for your MMA and boxing training needs, so place your order for the UFC Tonal MMA Training Glove today.

      Glove Size Hand Measurement*
      S/M 7.5" - 8.75"
      L/XL Over 8.75"

      *Measurement is in inches. Measure circumference around knuckles/hand.

      To get a proper fit, you’ll want to get a tape measure and go around the circumference of your hand. Selecting a size will vary between glove style and manufacturer.

      To measure: Take a tape measure and wrap around the circumference of your hand over the knuckles.

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