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UFC Standard Heavy Bag

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UFC Heavy Bags and Stands

As a supplier of UFC heavy bags and stands, Spirit Combat Sports is prepared to help you find the best heavy punching bag and stand for your training needs. We offer various UFC heavy bags that come in different sizes, weights and styles to fit our customers' fighting and training requirements. 

Since we utilize UFC punching bags, you can expect our bags to consist of high-quality materials, which reinforce their durability. Additionally, our UFC bags are designed by experts who have many years of fighting experience. These experts ensure the bags feature innovative tech that has gone through rigorous research and development practices.

If you're interested in adding a heavy bag or stand to your home, you'll want to learn more about the types of heavy bags available and the different ways they're constructed. You may also want to know more about heavy bag stands and training dummies. This article will tell you all you need to know.

Types of Heavy Punching Bags

Whether you're a seasoned fighting veteran or a beginner, you can find a heavy bag that fits your training needs. Our heavy bags can be added to home gyms to help you get in shape, making it essential to select one ideal for your fighting style or planned workouts. 

Learn more about the benefits and uses of the main punching bags on the market:

  • Standard or traditional heavy bags: Standard or traditional heavy bags for boxing and other sports come standard in most fitness and boxing clubs. They usually hang from a ceiling or a stand, and they commonly come in lengths of 4 to 5 feet. They're designed to handle impacts, such as kicking and punching in power workouts. Their ability to swing can also help a fighter improve their footwork.
  • MMA heavy bags: MMA heavy bags are very similar in appearance to standard bags, though they are usually thinner and longer. Heavy bags for MMA often come with a hollow core filled with water and surrounded by some padding, while a standard heavy bag will usually be filled with sand and cotton batting. A water core makes the bag softer, allowing MMA fighters to use smaller MMA gloves without the fear of injury.
  • Muay Thai heavy bags: Muay Thai heavy bags are usually around 6 feet in length and thinner compared to traditional heavy bags. They're primarily constructed for Muay Thai fighters who want to practice their low kicks, as well as train with their elbows and knees. To better handle the brunt of low kicks, these bags are filled with heavier materials. Overall, these bags are good for those looking to practice punching and kicking. 
  • Teardrop heavy bags: As you might expect from the name, teardrop heavy bags are shaped like descending teardrops, and they're hung from the ceiling or a stand. They're generally lighter than traditional heavy bags and are usually a few feet long. Due to their design, they swing faster than most other bags, making them an excellent choice for those working on their speed, defensive head movements, timing and accuracy.
  • Uppercut bags: Standard heavy bags aren't built to help you develop your uppercut. Those who want to improve their uppercuts turn to uppercut heavy bags, which are smaller than traditional models and can be hung off a ceiling or wall. These bags can come in different shapes, but they're all designed to ensure you can practice throwing uppercuts at your maximum power and at the right angles.
  • Youth heavy bags: Youth heavy bags have the same design as traditional bags but are lighter and shorter. They're perfect for kids who want to train their punching and kicking skills.

Weights of Heavy Bags

When selecting a UFC heavy bag, you can choose from models that come in various weights. The most common sizes for home gyms are 12-pound, 70-pound80-pound and 100-pound punching bags. If you're looking for a smaller speed bag to help you train your accuracy and hand-eye coordination, you'll want a 12-pound heavy bag. 

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When you're looking for heavier bags, a good rule of thumb is to pick one that's about half your weight. So, if you weigh 200 pounds, a 100-pound punching bag will be a good decision. Additionally, keep in mind that a heavier bag will offer more resistance and be harder to move.

Heavy Bag Materials

You'll usually have the choice between leather and synthetic heavy bags. Leather punching bags are the more traditional option, with many fighters loving them due to their comfortable feel and durable construction. Many enjoy these bags for their classic and high-quality appearance. 

Synthetic heavy bags are also a good option, as they provide a similar feel compared to leather models and come at a lower cost since they don't use real leather. They're also better suited for humid spaces, as they're resistant to mildew or mold, which is more likely to grow in that type of environment.

Heavy Punching Bag Stands

If you're buying a UFC heavy bag and don't want to hang it off the ceiling, you'll need a punching bag stand. These stands hold heavy bags, keeping them secure and stable while you punch or kick the bag. As you choose the right heavy bag stand for your needs, you can learn more about their primary features and the types of heavy bag stands available:

  • Dual vs. single station: You can usually select between single station and dual station heavy bag stands. A single station stand will be one-sided and only allows you to hang a single heavy bag off of it. A dual station stand is two-sided, with the ability to hang a heavy bag on one side and a speed bag on the other. Choosing between the two will come down to what kind of training you hope to do. 
  • Weight limits: When you purchase heavy bag stands, you'll want to pay attention to the stand's weight limit. For example, you don't want to purchase a stand with a weight of 70 pounds if you want to hang a 100-pound punching bag off of it. Always choose a heavy bag stand with an appropriate weight limit.
  • Weighted base: High-quality heavy bag stands will feature weighted bases. They often come in the form of weight pegs, which help keep the stand securely on the ground and stable while the bag is being punched or kicked.
  • Durability and stability: The best heavy bag stands are built with high-quality steel tubing for increased durability. They also keep your bag stable while you go about your workout.

Training Dummies

Training and sparring dummies are regularly used in jiujitsu and MMA to help with grappling and throwing. As a result, grappling dummies are often placed on the ground. They sometimes feature arms and legs to better resemble a person on the ground. Because an MMA grappling dummy is placed on the floor, it's meant for those looking to train their ground game.

A throwing dummy helps people develop their high-impact moves without using another person. These dummies are usually shaped like people to assist with sweeps, throwing, wrestling takedowns and ground strikes. 

Buy Heavy Bags, Dummies and Stands from Spirit Combat Sports

Spirit Combat Sports is dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products and excellent service. Our partnership with the UFC allows us to give our customers the best equipment from MMA's biggest name. Our 60-day warranty and return policies are among the best in the business, ensuring you get exceptional heavy punching bags for your requirements.

Browse our selection of heavy bags, dummies and stands today. If you have any questions, contact us and one of our representatives will be happy to help.

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