UFC Pro Ground & Pound Throwing Dummy


Practice realistic ground and pound moves with this training necessity to increase your ground and pound punching power.

  • Tear-resistant ultra-durable PU exterior with reinforced stitching
  • Pre-filled so you can start training immediately
  • Weighs 70lbs

UFC Pro Safe Sparring Gloves


The premium construction and advanced design of the UFC Pro MMA Sparring glove provide full coverage, comfort and protection to give you the edge on your competition.

  • Featuring injection-molded foam knuckle with pre-curved single mold design
  • D-ring closure for a snug fit to minimize shifting while sparring
  • Independent EVA foam segments on thumb for extra protection and flexibility
  • Sublimated moisture wicking lining and grade A leather exterior

UFC Standard Heavy Bag

from $189.99

Standard UFC heavy bag perfect for home use. This bag is designed to withstand long, daily intense training sessions.

  • 70 lbs.
  • Extended length ideal for training kicks and simulated take downs
  • Ultra durable PVC construction with reinforced seams
  • Strong enough for gym use, but economically priced for home use

UFC Pro Belly Pad


Boost accuracy and speed through target drills while reducing the impact from ruthless blows with the unrivaled quality of the UFC Pro Body Protector.

  • Made from high-quality PU and multiple layers of impact absorbing EVA and open cell foam
  • Reinforced tear-resistant construction
  • Lightweight and compact design

UFC Muay Thai Pad


UFC Thai Pads enable students/athletes to develop speedpower, and technique in their kicks against a real target, while offering optimal protection to the trainer/coach.
  • Ultra-durable engineered leather
  • Sturdy handle for handling the heaviest of kicks
  • Great for catching: punches, knees, kicks, and elbows
  • Measures 15.6" Long x 7.9" Wide x 6.7" Thick
  • Sold Individually (not as pair)

UFC Pro Training Shin Guard


Be confident in your next move with this premium pre-curved anatomically correct instep made from grade A cowhide leather.

  • Pre-curved anatomically correct instep with multiple layers of EVA injection molded foam for over 1 ¾” of protection
  • Rigid ankle strap with d-ring encased in leather for secure and comfortable fit
  • Additional elastic over heal and foot to minimize shifting
  • Constructed from grade A cowhide leather exterior and moisture wicking, non-slip lining

UFC Pro Tear Drop Bag - 70lb


Achieve optimum punching power with this virtually indestructible Teardrop punching bag designed with durability in mind to last through intense workouts.

  • Made from durable PVC material exterior with soft fiber filling
  • Hangs from a silent nylon strap hanging system
  • Comes prefilled so you can start training immediately
  • 70 lb punching bag
  • UFC PRO Micro Mitts


    Speed is everything in an MMA competition. Athletes have to think fast to find an opening for the perfect hit, and coaches should be training for these scenarios long before...

    UFC True Thai Pads


    Take your training to the next level with True Thai Thai Pads. These Muay Thai kick pads are Officially Licensed UFC gear and the same protective equipment used by professional...

    UFC PRO Thigh Pads


    If you're a serious MMA trainer, you know the importance of protective equipment. The UFC PRO Thigh Pad is just what you need to absorb impacts to the inside and...

    UFC Premium Hook & Loop Training Gloves


    Premium construction and superior protection combine in this advanced boxing glove perfect for sparring, training, bag and mitt work.

    • Injection molded foam over knuckles and wrist for expert level protection
    • Hook & Loop closure system with extended opening for easy on-off and secure fit even over heavily wrapped hands
    • Additional padding in strapping system make this glove perfect for defensive fighters and those looking for extra protection in wrist
    • Made from premium grade A leather with embossed poly-satin patch

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