UFC PRO Air Mitts - UFC Equipment MMA and Boxing Gear Spirit Combat Sports
UFC PRO Air Mitts - UFC Equipment MMA and Boxing Gear Spirit Combat Sports

UFC Pro Air Mitts


  • 3" of foam with air pocket and ball grip
  • Ultra durable, professional grade
  • Grade A Leather
  • Description

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    MMA athletes must work on punching techniques to be successful in a match. If you're a coach, you need the right pair of MMA punching mitts to push your students to the limit. The UFC PRO Air Mitts keep you quick on your feet as you block quick blows in the training facility.

    The UFC Pro Air Mitts are designed for maximum comfort and protection. Open-cell and EVA foams create an air pocket inside the mitt so you can continue with workouts and instruction all day when you need to. Spirit Combat Sports brings MMA professionals only the best products in the industry. Add these lightweight punch mitts to your gym bag for optimum comfort when it counts.

    Padding for Your Strongest Competitors

    The UFC PRO Air Mitts feature 3 inches of protective foam padding to limit the shock of impacts. We're confident that these MMA coach mitts will become your go-to selections for athletes with all levels of experience. They're comfortable and easy to slide off and on between meetings. Plus, ultra-durable leather materials can take a beating without you having to worry about the mitts losing their shape.

    Get Ergonomic Boxing Punch Mitts for Intense Workouts

    UFC PRO Air Mitts showcase professional-grade leather surfaces that can be wiped clean between sessions. Use the adjustable Velcro straps to prevent the boxing punch mitts from sliding around on the hands. Your students will enjoy the large platform that boosts punching accuracy throughout training. Black, red and white material surfaces will complement your other UFC PRO gear and make the mitts easy to see in all lighting conditions.

    Inside the UFC PRO Air Mitts, you'll find a ball grip for both hands. Hold onto the inside pieces so that you always stay in control when calling the shots.