MMA Training

Wood Beam Hanger


Heavy Bag holder with 360 degree rotation that gives you full range of movement for your heavy bag workouts.

  • Essential tool for Heavy Bags
  • Made of solid steel with powder-coated enamel
  • Wood screws included

Speed Bag Swivel


Ball bearing speed bag swivel for heavy bag switching ease. Free-range movement helps increase accuracy and response time during speed bag training sessions.

  • Quick-release ball bearing swivel design
  • Machine crafted from stainless steel
  • Easy to assemble, so you can start training immediately
  • Perfect for using with Speed Bag Platform and Speed Bag (Sold separately)

UFC Pro Gel Knuckle Sleeve


Mazimixe defense and comfort with advanced technology built to keep athletes cool, dry and protected.

  • Neoprene EVA foam for maximal protection
  • Perforation on underside for breathability keeping hands cool and dry even through the most intense training sessions
  • Built-in grip bar for correct form and superior comfort
  • Quick option for extra protection, can be worn in combination with hand wrap or use alone with boxing glove

UFC Quick Wrap Inner Glove with EVA Knuckle


Snug-fit neoprene gel quick-wrap inner glove offers convenience, versatility and protection rolled into one dynamic glove.

  • Designed to be worn under boxing gloves
  • Can be used during circuit training as a functional fitness glove
  • Rubberized mesh-palm keeps hands cool
  • Adds layer of knuckle protection

UFC Maya Speed Bag


This durable speed bag is an economical alternative to the UFC Leather Speed Bag. It is made with the same durable inner bladder and is weighted properly for quick rebound.

  • Tear-resistant PU construction
  • Durable inner bladder
  • Quick rebound for building hand-eye coordination
  • Built for long life with reinforced seams

UFC Muay Thai Pad


UFC Thai Pads enable students/athletes to develop speedpower, and technique in their kicks against a real target, while offering optimal protection to the trainer/coach.
  • Ultra-durable engineered leather
  • Sturdy handle for handling the heaviest of kicks
  • Great for catching: punches, knees, kicks, and elbows
  • Measures 15.6" Long x 7.9" Wide x 6.7" Thick
  • Sold Individually (not as pair)

UFC FitBall - 75cm


UFC FitBall is the perfect exercise for your training. Exercise balls have been one of the most popular fitness products for decades. The UFC FitBalls are made from environmentally friendly...

UFC Curved Focus Mitts


Excellent training tool to enhance accuracy and speed.
  • Develop speed & fast reflexes
  • Impact-absorbing layers of foam
  • Durable PU exterior
  • Half-circle grip on inside for proper hand placement
  • 10.25" long x 7.5" wide x 4.9" deep

UFC Double End Bag


Durable speed bag to improve speed and reflexes. Easy mounting system that is compatible with all speed bag platforms and double-end attachments.

  • Great for reflex training
  • Fast rebound
  • Easy mounting system
  • Durable PU construction

UFC Open Palm MMA Training Gloves

from $34.99

Durable synthetic leather glove ideal for grappling and light bag work. Layered foam over knuckle keeps hands protected during training.

  • Open palm design
  • Secure hook & loop closure
  • Soft finger compartments for comfort while grappling
  • Durable engineered synthetic leather

UFC MMA 7oz Grappling Gloves


Durable training glove with a contoured design for maximum comfort. 7oz glove is more substantial than the competiton glove, but doesn't limit your range of motion and ability to maintain control. 

  • Open palm design
  • Additional thumb protection
  • 3/4" impact-dispersing foam protection in striking area
  • Hook and loop closure for a secure, adjustable fit
  • Durable engineered leather exterior

UFC MMA 8oz Sparring Gloves


Pre-curved MMA sparring gloves with with impact-dispersing foam keeps hand protected during sparring. Transition padding between the knuckle and wrist add another level of protection. Open palm design keeps hands cool and comfortable.

  • Open palm design
  • Comfortable finger compartments
  • 1" impact-dispersing foam protection in striking area
  • 8 oz gloves
  • Secure hook & loop closure
  • Durable engineered synthetic leather exterior


Spirit Combat Sports is a premium global sports brand. Since its inception in 1993, UFC athletes have been recognized as the most well-rounded, disciplined and conditioned fighters in the world. Their innovative workouts and cross-training regimen has inspired a fitness movement. The UFC Ultimate Training and Ultimate Kombat product lines are designed to help people of all fitness levels achieve their goals. From entry level fitness gloves all the way to the UFC Pro Line of gear with enhanced features and technological advancements, the UFC range of equipment will make you feel like a pro.

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