UFC Pro Belly Pad


Boost accuracy and speed through target drills while reducing the impact from ruthless blows with the unrivaled quality of the UFC Pro Body Protector.

  • Made from high-quality PU and multiple layers of impact absorbing EVA and open cell foam
  • Reinforced tear-resistant construction
  • Lightweight and compact design

UFC Pro Training Headgear


Prepare for training with the expertly designed UFC Pro Training Headgear to add another level of protection to sparring.

  • Provides additional protection against misdirected strikes
  • Contoured design provides optimal visibility and peripheral vision
  • Extra protection around vital areas
  • Fully adjustable closing systems provide comfortable and secure fit
  • Made from grade A cowhide leather exterior and non-slip moisture wicking lining

UFC Pro Full Face Headgear


Superior full head headgear option for entry level athletes, athletes with braces, high-level athletes with vulnerable face injuries or pro-level athletes weeks away from a fight looking to reduce the risk of injury in training

  • Virtually indestructible bar wrapped in EVA foam protects mouth and jawline
  • Constructed from grade A cowhide leather exterior and moisture-wicking lining
  • Fully adjustable strapping system for secure and comfortable fit

UFC Pro Training Shin Guard


Be confident in your next move with this premium pre-curved anatomically correct instep made from grade A cowhide leather.

  • Pre-curved anatomically correct instep with multiple layers of EVA injection molded foam for over 1 ¾” of protection
  • Rigid ankle strap with d-ring encased in leather for secure and comfortable fit
  • Additional elastic over heal and foot to minimize shifting
  • Constructed from grade A cowhide leather exterior and moisture wicking, non-slip lining

UFC Premium Stand Up Shin Guard & Instep


If tradition, premium quality and agility are important, then the UFC Premium Stand Up Shin Guard & Instep is for you.

  • Traditional design with minimally attached instep for mobility and classic overlapping fixed strap with hook/loop closure
  • Made from Premium Grade A leather with embroidered and embossed UFC logo for ultimate style and durability
  • Non-slip moisture wicking lining keeps the shin guard in place and the athlete cool and dry

UFC True Thai Headgear


True Thai Headgear Protect your head with sparring headgear that pays tribute to the Muay Thai style. True Thai headgear is official UFC protective equipment suitable for athletes of all...

UFC PRO Comfort Thai Pads


For intense home workouts and MMA training sessions, the UFC PRO Thai Pads are just what you need to block high kicks and quick punches. These comfortable MMA Thai Pads...

UFC True Thai Shin Guards


Protect yourself, show your love for the sport and pay tribute to Muay Thai with an exclusive line of superior shin guards. True Thai shin guards are authentic UFC protective...

UFC True Thai Pads


Take your training to the next level with True Thai Thai Pads. These Muay Thai kick pads are Officially Licensed UFC gear and the same protective equipment used by professional...

UFC PRO Thigh Pads


If you're a serious MMA trainer, you know the importance of protective equipment. The UFC PRO Thigh Pad is just what you need to absorb impacts to the inside and...

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