Improve Accuracy and Speed: Double-End Speed Bag Training

Improve Accuracy and Speed: Double-End Speed Bag Training - Spirit Combat Sports

The double end speed bag, also called the floor-to-ceiling bag is one of the most effective and essential training drills that only professionals use but more people should be. The regular speed bag is a good drill to build your timing and rhythm but after awhile can get a little predictable, whereas the double end bag keeps you on your toes.

Double-End Speed Bag

The double-end speed bag is the perfect training tool for the amateur boxer, yet only professionals use them. It is much more versatile than the original speed bag because it is free flowing. It simulates a fighter much more accurately than any other bag; the bag moves back and forth and is able to swing at angles that the regular speed bag can’t. It also increases your accuracy, the bag swings back and forth but doesn’t come back to the same place every time. This free-swinging motion forces you to aim your punches and not just swing it in the same spot. Although it doesn’t come back to the same spot, it does come back at the same speed, so it forces you to move your body around and keep the same rhythm of punches at the bag. It is a much more active full body punching workout that increases your endurance and power and simulates a much more realistic workout.


There are different types of double-end speed bags that can change your workout up a little but and make it more tiring and make it more demanding in regards to your punches. Obviously, the size of the bag matter, the smaller it is the quicker it will move and make your reflexes work a little harder and faster. There are a couple different shapes that force you to control what kind of punches you can throw and there are also the bags that have two balls simulating head shots and body shots. The last thing you can control is the most important, and it’s the cord elasticity that can create a lot of different types of workouts for you. The looser the cord, the more movement you are going to get, if it’s tighter, it won’t go off course too much. Every gym you go to will be different so it will force you to adjust your rhythm and timing and will give you a different workout every time. 

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There’s a variety of different workouts you can get done on the double end bag that can increase your skills from throwing combinations to working on timing. Many beginners on the double end bag start with some simple combinations like right-right- left, or left-left-right, this can get your rhythm going with the bag and start you off easy before you move on to something else. The double end bag is also unique because you are able to mix up what kind of punches you throw during your combinations, that is something you can’t do on the speed bag. To get a good cardio workout while doing this, you can move around during and in between combinations, this will increase your conditioning and simulate a more realistic fight. It is also much freer swinging than a speed bag so you can swing away with some power punches.

The double-end bag is a very versatile bag compared to other top speed bags because it mixes up your workout and gives you a variety of punches to work with.

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