How to Prepare for your First Boxing Class

How to Prepare for your First Boxing Class - Spirit Combat Sports

You've been hearing actors, models, athletes and your friends rave about it. You've read all about the benefits. Now it's time to live it. You've signed up for your first boxing class. Congratulations, you are about to have one of the best and most fulfilling workouts of your life!  

You may have a lot of questions on what to expect, how to prepare and what to bring. Read below for 7 ways to prepare for your first boxing class to help you feel confident and motivated when you walk through that gym door for the first time.  

  1. Wear the right clothes. Your hands will be in boxing gloves for the majority of the class so it's important to wear well-fitting clothes that won't need to be adjusted frequently while working out. It's also important to wear sturdy shoes that allow you to have a secure stance. A workout headband may also be needed to keep sweat and hear out of your eyes. 
  2. Bring the right equipment. You'll need boxing gloves and hand wraps. Most gyms have gloves that you can rent or borrow, but if you're wanting to practice boxing outside of the class or prefer to have a pair you can "wear-in" for comfort then buying your own pair may be a better idea for you. If you have any reservations about hygiene while sharing gloves, then buying your own pair is a good solution. You'll definitely want to purchase your own pair of hand wraps. Hand wraps get extremely sweaty and aren't typically shared.  
  3. Eat right beforehand. It's important to not go to class on an empty stomach. But you also don't want to be stuffed. Balance is key! Some great snacks for optimal energy are bananas, Greek yogurt, apples with peanut butter, whole grain bread and turkey. Another quick and easy way to make sure you're getting the nutrients you need for your workout is to make a protein shake or smoothie beforehand.
  4. Arrive early. Being early before your first class allows you to meet with instructors. They will ease any nerves you may have and show you how to wrap your hands for the first time. You can also go over any specific needs or injuries you may have and discuss special modifications you may need to the workout.  
  5. Take it slow. Be prepared to feel like a beginner, but don’t get overwhelmed. There are many combinations to learn. Don't expect to have them memorized right off the bat. Pay attention to the instructor, move at your own pace and enjoy the workout. Focus on form, not power or speed in your first few classes.  As you take more classes you'll get more familiar with the combinations. Talk to the instructor if you feel hesitant about something during the first class, they are there to teach you and will help you learn the moves.  
  6. Stay hydrated. This may go without saying, but always stay hydrated. You'll want to bring a water bottle and drink plenty of fluids before, during and after your class. 
  7. Get pumped. Be prepared to feel like you can take on the world. During your first class you may feel like you're on the brink of giving up, but hang in there. Once that first class is over, you will get a wave of endorphins and a feeling of accomplish like you've never felt before. That first class will lead to a second, a third, and so on! 

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