UFC Power Band - Light - UFC Equipment MMA and Boxing Gear Spirit Combat Sports
UFC Power Band - Light - UFC Equipment MMA and Boxing Gear Spirit Combat Sports

UFC Power Band - Light


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The UFC Power Band, for varied strength training. The high quality UFC Power Band is made of durable latex and is suitable for many strength exercises. With a length of 208 cm (82"), the UFC Power Band can be attached to many holding points such as wall bars, cages, trees and many more while still offering enough length for training. With the three different degrees of hardness of the power bands, you can choose the right power band for every strength exercise.

Resistance bands such as the UFC Power Bands are very popular in rehab training. With Power Bands you can do eccentric and concentric strength training in one movement. In addition, the Power Bands are excellent for stretching exercises. These properties and the extremely low risk of injury make the UFC Power Bands an indispensable tool for rehabilitation training.

Many use the Power Bands only as support during strength training, for example with pull-ups. But thanks to the great resistance properties and the flexible attachment, complete strength training is possible with the UFC Power Bands. Depending on the attachment point, pulling exercises from bottom to top, horizontally and from top to bottom are possible with the UFC Power Bands. You can also do numerous pulling exercises with both arms or legs at the same time.

The UFC Power Band is simply folded to the right size, then wrapped around the respective extremities, and numerous strength exercises are possible. Hardly any other fitness product can be used as flexibly as the UFC Power Bands. With the Power Bands you can enrich your fitness training at home, outdoors and while traveling.