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Throughout boxing's long and storied history, gloves have existed as a piece of protective gear. In the late 1800s, boxing gloves became mandatory for competition to provide extra padding and protection. Nowadays, boxers still use gloves to stabilize their fists and cushion their knuckles to prevent injury. Whether you're training or entering the ring for a fight, boxing gloves are necessary for the sport.

If you're unsure where to start in your search for boxing gloves, look for a supplier that sells a reputable brand like UFC — the biggest name in MMA. UFC's boxing gloves use innovative technology designed by experts in the field, relying on years of research, development and boxing experience. They create UFC boxing gloves using high-quality materials to provide the most comfortable fit possible and great protection.

Aside from the brand, there are other factors to consider when buying boxing gloves. There are different types, sizes, weights and features to think about before deciding on a pair. Keep reading to find out how to choose the best boxing gloves for training.

Types of Boxing Gloves

Whether you've got years of boxing experience under your belt or you only decided to pick it up yesterday, UFC boxing gloves can make all the difference in your workouts. There are a few different types of boxing gloves, so it's crucial to recognize the differences and get the right ones to suit your needs. Here are the main categories of boxing gloves.

  • Competition boxing gloves: These gloves feature minimal padding over the knuckles to increase the damage delivered with each strike. Make sure the fighting boxing gloves you use in competition are appropriate for your weight class.
  • Training boxing gloves: UFC training boxing gloves have enough padding to provide protection, while being light enough to allow maximum punching potential. Whether you're a boxing novice or a seasoned veteran, training boxing gloves are a great all-around, versatile option for sparring or bag work.
  • Sparring boxing gloves: Wear sparring gloves when you're working with a partner on mastering a specific martial arts style and don't want to inflict any harm. Because their purpose is to prevent injury during practice, sparring gloves are thicker and offer more protection than other types of boxing gloves.
  • Boxing bag gloves: Heavy bag boxing gloves are compact and cushioned to provide as much protection as possible throughout long bag training sessions. Thanks to their tapered injection-molded foam, UFC pro bag gloves allow you to go round after round.
  • Youth boxing gloves: A set of youth boxing gloves are perfect for young boxing prodigies just starting to learn the sport. High-quality UFC gloves will get them excited about boxing and eager to train more.

Sizes and Weights of Boxing Gloves

Weight is a crucial quality of boxing gloves, because a glove's weight indicates its level of padding. A heavier boxing glove will offer more cushioning, while a lighter one will be more aerodynamic with less hand protection. In general, lighter athletes will want to use lighter gloves, but you can use heavier ones if you prefer additional padding. Training with heavier gloves will also make your hands feel lighter and quicker when you use a smaller weight on competition day.

These are the most common boxing glove weights and guidelines for which weight class they pair with.

  • 12 ounces: Boxers below 150 pounds should use these lightweight gloves.
  • 14 ounces: This weight is perfect for athletes between 151 and 175 pounds.
  • 16 ounces: These gloves are best for those who weigh between 175 and 200 pounds.
  • 18 ounces: Athletes over 200 pounds should stick with these heavier gloves.

Another way to decide which size boxing glove to get is to go by your hand size. Ultimately, the size of the gloves you choose for training should depend on what feels most comfortable. Make sure you choose a boxing glove that comfortably covers your wrapped hands.

Measure the circumference of your hand just below the knuckles, then follow this chart.

  • 12 ounces: 7.5" and below
  • 14 ounces: 7.5"-8.5"
  • 16 ounces: 8.5"-9.5"
  • 18 ounces: 9.5" and above

Boxing Glove Closure Types

The closure type of boxing gloves is critical because it ensures the gloves stay on your wrists. You want your gloves to be snug and easy to secure without feeling too tight. Keep in mind that you'll need to be able to close your gloves, even with your hands wrapped.

These are the most popular types of closures.

Boxing Glove Materials

The materials used to make a pair of boxing gloves can change their entire feel. When selecting your boxing gloves, try to focus on comfort and what allows you to move freely. Here are the most common boxing glove materials, along with their pros and cons.

  • Leather boxing gloves: As a durable and breathable material, leather makes high-quality, long-lasting boxing gloves. While leather boxing gloves are top-quality, they are more expensive than most other types of gloves.
  • Neoprene boxing gloves: Neoprene is an alternative to genuine leather if you want almost the same level of quality for a slightly lower price. These gloves offer you flexibility and breathability, and some styles are even washable.
  • Synthetic/PU boxing gloves: Although a bit less breathable and durable, synthetic boxing gloves are your least expensive option and can help save you some money. If you don't mind the difference in feel between synthetic and other gloves, they work just as well for training as higher-priced choices.

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If you're wondering where to buy boxing gloves, check out the wide variety of top-quality UFC gloves from Spirit Combat Sports. We offer official UFC products under a 60-day warranty and a free exchange policy if you need to switch your size. At Spirit Combat Sports, customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we're willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you have the gloves you need to dominate the ring.

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